The Rundown: EPL DFS Soccer Match Week 7 – 9/29/18

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Soccer is always at The Hive, but now English Premier League is back in season and we are back for another game week!

My attempt in this article is not only to give everyone my first looks into the slate, but breakdown my thoughts of some of the games, players, etc…here it is all on paper. Enjoy the read and for further soccer consulting shoot me a DM on Twitter @BBKing15_DFS or shoot me an email

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Now on to the good stuff!


I am super excited to be writing this I don’t even know where to start…I am going to cover the main slate but may add a new article or add in additional notes to this existing article. Each article will be formatted differently depending on what I see in the slate. Enjoy!

Manchester City

City is constantly a target in DFS due to their sheer depth in their lineup. Besides the regular injuries of KDB, Bravo, Mendy, and Mangala, we should still additional rotation in the lineup by City due to the Champions League match up next week against Hoffenheim. City had a great match against Lyon, absolutely exploiting them and it shows the power this City team has.

Due to Champions League, I expect to see Sterling and Aguero to rest for this match leaving Jesus and Mahrez to fill in those places up front alongside Sane. Sane is on set pieces whenever he starts and is one of the safest floor players. Whenever Mahrez has gotten a start he has been all-in the attack game. Jesus is way too goal dependent, but makes a good play as part of a City stack in tournaments. With Sterling out of the picture it should also draw our attention to David Silva, especially if City rests Bernardo Silva for Champions League.

This City lineup is going to be extremely tough to figure out before Saturday morning. We can only estimate who is going to get the start as we have seen City surprise us more than once. Their Champions League opponent is Hoffenheim who has had a really poor start in the Bundesliga, so it will be interesting to see what game Guardiola thinks is more important.

International Break: Too Soon for Watford – Perfect Timing for Arsenal

Arsenal has now won 6 straight matches and hope to continue that at home against Watford. Watford started it’s EPL campaign off to a hot start, but has now failed to win 3 straight matches. Arsenal is hoping to take advantage of the momentum of both teams to scrounge a win. With that said, it won’t be easy. Arsenal will have to motivate their back four and their keeper, Cech to keep the ball out of the net. With that said, watch out for the top 4 of those Watford attackers, a special emphasis on Deeney, Hughes, and Pererya who could cause some trouble.

Don’t get it wrong, I am not trying to boost Watford as that is as best as Watford will do to maybe grab 1 goal in this match. A special note to make about Arsenal is Ramsey as the club has just withdrawn their contract offer to him. Once the transfer window opens in January expect Ramsey to be gone, so it will be interesting not only to see if Arsenal starts him in the mid-attack position, but what Ramsey’s motivation will be if he does get the nod.

I will say this…Arsenal come at great prices on DraftKings, and we should all be OK plugging some in to help with some salary relief. Ozil stands out, only because I know the upside he is capable of. Stacking Lacazette and Aubameyang is always the most appealing and I like this the most for tournaments. Torreira should get the start at the back and we should look to target him more on FanDuel than anything. With how much the defense gives up from Arsenal, Cech is going to be a busy guy, you hope he can keep his head on straight. This is going to be an important game and Cech has to be on it, to gather the confidence of Arsenal manager is Leno could swoop in anytime for the starting role.

Getting Back on Track

Tottenham is really in need of getting back on track and there is never a better way of doing it than against Huddersfield Town. They are one of three teams yet to record a win, and have been horrible when conceding goals. The most attractive piece of this puzzle, especially when it comes to DraftKings is just how affordable the Tottenham players are. Even Kane is below $10k!

It is important to note, Eriksen will be out with an injury for this game leaving the midfield roles to Lamela, Alli, and Heung-Min. Lamela has had the biggest impact with Eriksen leaving the field, but Heung-Min always has solid upside, I think this is a matchup Heung-Min can really show his stuff as the defense is super weak by Huddersfield. They normally play with a 4 back defense, this is easy to maneuver for Tottenham, but if they decide to change to a 5 back defense to trouble Tottenham, I don’t know if it is going to be quite enough to stop the attack, but my shift goes to Kane and Lamela as I think they are the safe two.

Huddersfield is going to be in all defensive mode this entire game, and I don’t think Huddersfield has the counter-attack strategy to beat the Tottenham defense. This is especially helpful on FanDuel when those defensive stats prove to be extremely helpful in value lineup construction.

No Shortage of Goals Expected

Just as the title indicates, there should be absolutely no shortage of goals between Everton and Fulham as both are going to be gunning for what both feel to be a winning opportunity.

Everton has only had 1 win on the EPL season and should have not only the offense to score goals against a weak Fulham defense, but you hope Everton’s injury prone defense, can step up to the plate on what will be a difficult match up for them. Richarlison and Sigurdsson are the most on point plays here, where Sigurdsson is on set piece duties, but Richarlison has shown a lot more goal scoring upside than anyone else on the team. Stacking not only this team but this entire game could prove to be profitable if goals aren’t in abundance by the City team. Digne should be starting at left back while Everton continues to get through the injuries at defense. Pickford hasn’t been a very impressive keeper, but Fulham should put the shots on net that he has upside. I always like giving the benefit of the doubt to home side keepers in matches like this. Pickford is strictly in tournaments if you aren’t playing any of the Fulham side.

Fulham barely played any of their starters midweek in the Carabou Cup, and they should be extremely well rested coming into this. Another reason I think Fulham could be scary to deal with this week. We know Mitrovic can find the back of the net relatively against anyone, and he is at a great price that I love him again this week. Sessegnon and Seri are also well rested and Seri is responsible for all set pieces, has done a great job of establishing a floor so stacking this entire game is very viable.

Quick Rundown

The Chelsea and Liverpool match has to be addressed, as this is going to be a thrilling match to watch with some very big players. These two times played midweek in the cup match with Chelsea taking the win 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. With that said, obviously Liverpool was not playing their normal starting IX.

Chelsea will want to repeat the effort and in order to do so Hazard will have to put in a lot of work. Willian looks like he is going to get the start over Pedro. If that is the case, Willian takes a bit of productivity from Hazard, making him a tournament play only. Also expect Giroud to stay in the middle over Morata.

This is where we should be most interested as Salah will be in the starting lineup. Salah does enough that he will hit a solid floor regardless of his opponent, even Chelsea. His price is below $10k which makes him even more attractive in this spot. I don’t think this is going to be a very huge goal scoring game. Both teams are going to be concentrated and usually defense picks up in this types of matches.

The point…don’t look for upside here. If you want to roster Salah, Mane, Hazard, etc…roster them for the sake in their floor and not in the upside. I am even hesitant on rostering a keeper as shots will only come by a lot of work, meaning the quality of a shot on goal will be higher than usual.

The Other Guys

Moutinho – I have been so impressed with this Wolverhampton team taking points away from both United and City. They now get a matchup at home against Southampton, which is usually ideal for any team in the EPL. Moutinho has taken over all set pieces from Neves and is the main man for this Wolverhampton team. For more value look to Costa who has been more productive lately than some other Wolves attackers. I think Wolverhampton is a team you can look to stack as well in tournaments or at least get a mini one in while adding players from higher goal upside teams.

Armstrong – It is expected for Southampton to rotate their squad a little bit due to Gabbiadini and Elyounoussi on the injury report. Armstrong would more than likely start up front in a attacking role. At near minimum price it would be stupid not to use the value he could provide us.

Ritchie – Could this be the first win for Newcastle United? Ritchie has been impressive since returning and if they win you can bet Ritchie will be a part of the goals. I think Shelvey also provides some nice upside, but best to stay away from Newcastle unless your lineup just lands there.

Maddison – When is Maddison not in contention? Especially on FanDuel I love what Maddison brings to the plate every single game. Newcastle hasn’t been much of a formidable opponent, making Maddison have even more upside.


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