At The Plate: MLB DFS First Thoughts – 09/25/2018

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September 24, 2018
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September 25, 2018

At The Plate: MLB DFS First Thoughts

On the big MLB slates, coming to you live through the DFS thought process, I will provide an insight at the first glance in my research and where I am looking to target as I do an initial run down of my notes. In conjunction with Beeline Sports, we are hoping to provide you a starting block on today’s slate.

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Max Scherzer – Is this anymore obvious? Scherzer is going up against the Miami Marlins. With the Marlins not only sporting tonight’s most inefficient offensive team, it is easy to say, Scherzer should have an easy time with them. Scherzer does not come cheap at all, but he comes with a 35% strikeout rate. I don’t think he is the only cash game play, but I do think he is the absolute safest.

Trevor Bauer – The matchup against the White Sox is incredibly enticing. So much so that I would consider fading Scherzer to get Bauer in. I think he is at an incredible price, especially on DraftKings where he is $2k less than Scherzer. The White Sox do nothing to impress anyone and they average a little over 9 strikeouts per game. If Bauer can go the distance here, he could be in for a huge game.

David Price – I do like this in the sense you can fit Price in as a cash game pitcher on DraftKings if you don’t pay all the way up to Scherzer. I think Price warrants consideration up against the Orioles and sporting a 25% strikeout rate. He has been pretty solid in his last few starts.

Chris Stratton – Last pitcher of the night that I will be on at all. Stratton comes in at an incredible value. Of all the pitchers on tonight’s slate he is averaging fantasy points in his last 5 games that reflect him in the top 6 pitchers. Count that into the fact that he is facing the San Diego Padres, it is a match-made in DFS heaven. Grab some value.


First Looks

Houston Astros – You have got to be all over the Astros tonight if you can afford the bats. Gaviglio is a contact pitcher, and the Astros are a fantastic contact team. There should be some value in the lineup, but the real value could be with McCann and Reddick as Gaviglio really struggles with lefties. With that said, don’t forget the righty bats. Any bat is noteworthy here, just stack em up!

Boston Red Sox – I am worried this one could be PPD so make sure to be looking all the way until lock. If weather clears up later today, go ahead and get in on this game. There is some value in the lower half of the lineup, but know the runs come from majority of the top 4 hitters: Betts, Benintendi, Martinez, and Bogaerts. Yacabonis has been nothing but poor and can be attacked from either side of the plate, putting more emphasis on those 4 batters whom can really do damage with contact.

Fillers & Notable Offenses

Minnesota Twins – Opposing pitcher, Spencer Turnball has been atrocious to lefty hitters, giving up over .400 to lefties. The Twins are filled with lefty and switch hitters that can do a lot of damage. There is great value all over the lineup and with a lot of batters in question, it leaves for more possible value to open up. High notables are Jake Cave and Jorge Polanco as this match up really suits them.

New York Yankees –  The Yankees are at the point where they are starting to just level off. Probably bad to start doing that, but not my problem right? The good thing is their bats are becoming a lot more affordable. Expect a good size possible runs against lefty, Jalen Beeks. There are really solid right-handed bats throughout this entire lineup, so don’t be scared to stack or use guys as fillers between your stacks.

Washington Nationals – I am going to be really quick with this one. The righties is who you want, but they are also extremely expensive. I will also say I have seen Anderson put in an unexpected good game. Stick to tournaments with the Nationals or if you come across you have the money to spend on an expensive bat. They are tough to stack if you are even remotely paying up at pitcher.


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