NFL DFS: Hive Five – Week 7

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NFL DFS: Hive Five – Week 7

Welcome to the Beeline Hive Five for NFL DFS! We run down either the top or most notable play at each of the DFS positions, making it easier for you to know who to target as you set your DFS lineups for the week.

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Joe Flacco – Man oh man, it is tough to decide whether this is a good go or not. To start, the value on Flacco is definitely there and he throws the ball the 2nd most in the NFL, averaging 44 attempts per game. Match that against a New Orleans team that flourishes in pushing the pace of play and forcing teams to constantly catch up on them with scoring, and you have a beautiful match up for Flacco. Flacco will be playing catch up all game long and the only way to do that is to consistently throw the ball.

QB is a position where I don’t think there are as many open options this week. Jared Goff stands out, but expect the Rams to get a huge lead and then result to just running the ball. Outside of Goff, on the main slate I don’t mind looking at Osweiler if he gets the start again for the Dolphins, and if he doesn’t don’t hesitate to just pivot onto Tannehill in tournaments. Lastly, Mahomes and Ryan both warrant discussion, but they play off the main slate. Extra boost to Ryan if you are playing any of the bigger or alternate slates.

Running Back

Todd Gurley – I am going to come right out of the gate and say I am not all over Gurley this week. I think for cash games he is pretty key, and as I said last week, there is no defense that can handle him, especially the 49ers.

The Cowboys play an extremely slow game, so as much as I like Elliott, he sometimes his upside is limited due to how much the Cowboys slow the pace down in games. I think to pivot from Gurley to Elliott is a great tournament play. If you are playing the Thursday slate, you can’t ignore David Johnson as the Broncos are horrible at defending the run this season. It is definitely a week to pay up at RB as another back that should have a lot of attention is Melvin Gordon. Lastly, if you are playing alternate slates grab as much Barkley as you can, he should have a great game against the Falcons who has had very non-existent defense.

Wide Receiver

Jarvis Landry – I pushed on Landry last week, and although he didn’t have a great game, he still got exactly what you would ever want. He saw 10 targets, just couldn’t haul them in. Browns are playing in Tampa Bay, making it a lot warmer than Cleveland would give them. The Buccaneers are very good at pushing the pace, and the Browns actually have a chance to win here. Landry will have to be a part of that win if it happens. Expect another game of double digit targets, with hopefully more receptions. Heck, let’s get a TD in there too.

Going with theme of the Ravens as earlier, don’t ignore Michael Crabtree this weekend. After the wild weekend that Albert Wilson had, it might not be as crazy, but he is a favorite for both Tannehill and Osweiler, he should continue to see targets and touches.

Tight End

David Njoku – Slightly bothered that I am now recommending 2 Browns players in 1 article, but hey you just can’t ignore the double digit targets, along with the minor increase in price. The match up against the Bucs is really intriguing for the Browns offense.

I don’t really see a ton to like at TE this week. The other notable is Trey Burton, the Bears will have to score as the Patriots do force some pace.


Los Angeles Rams – Doesn’t really get better than the Rams, especially against an injury riddled team like the 49ers. The only way the 49ers will see success is if they can escape the pressure by dumping it to their tight end or supplying their back with great blocking. Neither of which I think the 49ers are capable of.

What a boring game the Colts and Bills have against each other this weekend, with that said, either team can warrant defense. I have a slighter lean on the Bills and also their price is extremely great. Lastly, the Jaguars or Texans are in solid enough spots that both can be considered. We haven’t seen the Jaguars defense that we are used to appear yet, and it is a little nerve-wracking to have the Texans defense when playing away from home at Jacksonville.

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