NBA DFS: Core Five – November 12

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November 10, 2018
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November 12, 2018

It is extremely difficult to focus in on 1 player per position, but I am certainly going to try my best to do so. Remember Slack Chat is where we can help the most, so tune in there so we can help discuss and build your lineups.

These are 5 players (one per position) whom we think are relatively must-have’s in lineup construction. 

Point Guard – Derrick Rose

No Butler and now a questionable Andrew Wiggins means all the Derrick Rose we can get. Is Rose making a comeback? I sure hope so. This guy is exciting to watch and even though his price has now gone more towards his current performance, after that 50 point outing you just can’t ignore what he could do on any given night if he is given the usage to do so. Lock in Rose as the Timberwolves have way too many missing pieces and Rose is playing at a very high level.

Shooting Guard – Quinn Cook

Make sure to note that Cook is PG/SG on DraftKings, where on FanDuel he is listed as a PG. Cook is going to be important as Curry is most likely out for multiple games. With him being out Cook will get as many minutes as he can handle. A lot of the offense will run through Thompson and Durant, but Cook is easily in the mix of offensive options since he will be the primary ball handler, and take over shots that Curry would normally get in the offense.

Small Forward –  Paul George

This was a really tough decision because Kevin Durant is a key core player tonight as well. George being much cheaper I figured should be mentioned just due tot he value he brings to the lineup. With Westbrook off the floor, George is the primary scorer for the Thunder. They match up with the Suns whom push the pace and lack defense. It shouldn’t be too hard for George to get his tonight.

Power Forward – Wendell Carter Jr.

A side note…Carter is listed as a PF on FanDuel and a C on DraftKings. Carter is bound to regress at some point, but until the Bulls start getting healthy, Carter’s minutes and  usage isn’t going anywhere. Carter’s price isn’t going up at a very high rate, especially on DraftKings, so grab Carter and reap the benefits. The Mavericks have been pushing the pace on their opponents lately and this should only benefit Carter, along with the lack of defense the Mavericks have.

Center – Steve Adams

Whenever Adams gets matched up against a team that does not have much center presence, he performs pretty strongly. Last game he was matched up against the Mavericks and the one before that was the Rockets. I do believe Capela is a decent defender, but the pace of the game opened up Adams a lot. He now gets the Suns whom we know are struggling to find a big whom is dominant.


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